Snow WhiteI’m Sarah. I’m from Verona (Italy). I work in a bookshop and I love this job, both because I like books a lot and because I love working in contact with people. Customers who meet me in other bookshops always ask me, “Aren’t you tired of always having books around?”
Uhm… actually, no 🙂

I like working with books, I like reading books and I like writing books. I’ve been working to a trilogy project  for the past three years. It’s a ghost story set in Chicago in the Twenties and I’m very fond of it. I love all the characters (yes, also the bad guys) and I like the setting, although it’s requiring me an incredible amount of research. But I like that part of the project too.

Making things with my hands is one of my favourite things to do. I like cooking (especially cakes), once upon a time I drew (but one day I’ll go back to it) and recently I’ve discovered the art of crafting jewellery. Learning the techniques, choosing the different materials, designing earrings and bracelets and pendants is so rewarding. I’m always looking for the right idea, and I’ve realised lately that I started watching what other people wear, even customers at the bookshop, and try to guess how their jewells are made so that I can reproduce them, if I can. Only thing, studying what people wear without them realising it isn’t always that easy 😉

And so, this is my blog. I’ll be posting news over here, mostly, but I do have a shop over at Etsy. I also have a Pinterest board which is a bit more updated. Do come by if you feel like it. Have a look around and maybe contact me if you see something you like. If you would like something similar to what I have, but a bit different so to match your personality, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll do my best to meet your request, as best as my ability allows me.

Hope you’ll find something you like 🙂

Etsy Shop

Pinterest Board

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